Lower Back Workouts & Stretches For Back Pain Relief

During the past few decades, there has been a significant rise in chronic pain condition in the United States.

There is an estimation that about 80% of Americans would experience back pain during their lifetime.

That problem leads towards the point that, a chronic pain is the second most cause of disability in United States.

This shows us that people not only suffers from the back pain issue, but also pay high medical bills and miss work.

As the chronic lower back pain problem is quite prevalent. Let’s talk about the most common cause of this issue. It is the movement or mechanical issues of the body. The people whose back is mechanical meaning that, through lower back workouts, including exercises like stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation. You can significantly reduce or even eliminate the chances of lower back pain.    

The first step however, is the understanding and diagnoses of your back pain problem.

Some Common Back Pain and Injuries

The lower back pain injury can be caused as a result of an injury like bulging disc or pinched nerve which happens due to chronic repetitive movement.

One the other hand, a major muscle group like hip flexors can become tight/or weak which causes the persistent pain. But, you only want to reduce pain no matter what kind of pain it might be. The objective is to reduce and eliminate pain.

Some of the above mentioned injuries require professional medical help from a chiropractor or spinal physician. The other muscle related issues like tight or weak muscle can be treated through lower back workouts. These exercises and stretches not only makes you strong but also flexible. By following your lower back pain workout routine, you eliminate or reduce the likelihood of developing any lower back pain.

Strange Stretch Fixes Back Pain FAST

Ligament or Muscle Strain

These type of strain are very common and occurs when muscles are stretched off the limits. This happens, when you lift too heavy objects, over stretch your lower back muscles, due to an accident like falling or extreme physical stress on your muscles in your back. It creates instability in your spine which cause the pain.

To treat this condition, you need to include rest and anti-inflammatory medication. Moreover, you need to include a light stretching exercise routine with improvement in strength of muscles.

Degenerative Disc Disease

One of the most common reason for lower back pain is the condition of degenerative disc disease. Our backbone consists of several spinal discs which act as shock absorbers for the vertebrae. They degenerates with the aging process. This pain can be felt through in lower back or cervical spine. Find more about it here

Not Exercising

As humans we are built to move and when we can’t either of health condition or laziness. Then, our joints and muscles becomes weak and tight. And over time it turns to develop into a lower back pain. Fortunately, if the cause of pain is lack of exercising then its treatment is simple. By focusing more on lower back workouts and stretches you can almost eliminate this lower back pain

Why You Need a Strong, Flexible Lower Back?

The human body is designed for efficient movement. Throughout, the structure of our body, the ligaments, tendons and muscles are linked together to form a system. This organized structure of human body enables us to perform movement every day.

By doing targeted lower back workouts and stretches. We not only reduces the back pain, but it helps us to improve our posture and strength of the body.

Reduction of Lower Back Pain

When you make exercise part of your daily regime. You make improvement into your overall health and well-being. Most importantly, you reduce the chances of back pain problems. On the contrary, the lack of exercise causes lower back pain because of tight muscles and muscle strain.

Improved Balance

Balance is a pivotal for us as a human. We are able to walk, stand or ride a bicycle only because of our ability to balance. By keeping as our reference point we have evolved human body capabilities through activities like gymnastics, working out etc. Even though, many people are not involved in these activities. A maintenance of balance is the basic component of any musculoskeletal functions, preventing us from falling or injuries.

Best Lower Back Workout

The lower back workout includes back and leg exercise, for instance squats and deadlifts. Moreover, abdominal exercise like plank holds and crunches. Similarly, it has to include the upper back exercise like pulls ups and ring rows. To improve function and strength of lower back you need focused lower back workouts.

So, what should be your focused lower back workout? Well, any type of exercise can strengthen or train your lower back muscles. The idea of focused exercise is to perform it with good posture to increase the effectiveness of each type of exercise.

Plank with Forearm

Through a position of push-up or plank, by placing your forearm down the floor, next pull up your belly button towards your spine. Now squeeze your hip, and hold this position for at least one minute. Rest, and then repeat it two more time.


Point your toes forward, stand with your feet shoulders distance apart. Now, you need to pull belly button towards your spine. Keep your feet firm on the floor while you bring your hips in up and down motion. You need to perform 3 sets of 20 reps each.

 In order to perform a proper squat it requires ankle and hip mobility. Along with back and core strength. A proper and better squats makes healthier and coordinated bodies.

Arch Hold

To do arch hold first place yourself on the floor on the top of your belly. Straight up legs while extending your arms overhead. Now, you need to squeeze your hip to create tension along your back. Finally, hold this position for 30 seconds, you can rest and repeat it 2-3 times.

Here is another exercise within this one, it’s called swimmer kicks. From arch hold position, make small “kicks” with arms forward parallel to ground. Similarly, position your legs parallel to the ground too. This would add a dynamic twist to arch position exercise. You need to do 50 repetitions of swimmer kicks. 

Bird Dog Exercise

Even though with a strange name, this exercise is so powerful. This type of exercise would help you to practice balance and core control. To do this, adjust your body into a plank position. Now, you have to extend your left arm forward with your right foot up. Return to plank position. This time you need to go the other around, which is extending your right arm forward while lifting your left foot up. Do this continuously in back and forth motion. Keep doing this for 1 minute. Take rest, and then repeat it for 2 times more.


To do deadlift properly, stand on your feet hips distance apart. Take dumbbells of kettlebells in your both hands. To get into good posture for this exercise, keep your chest wide, core tight as you bend with your knees. Also, your back needs to be flat and heels should be down to the floor.

Now press through your feet, come back up in the same way you went down. Perform about 10 reps of this movement 2-3 times.

Lower Back Stretches

The lower back stretches are as much important as the lower back workouts and exercise. A healthy and pain free body have mobility and flexibility. When the muscles of body are tight, it could lead to shift in alignment of joints and can lead to pain overtime.

How can you do stretches to your lower back? One way to do it is through yoga. A yoga has been proven to give intense stretching to your back. The results are improvement of chronic pain or even eliminate it completely.

Source: Click to read more about yoga benefits for back pain

Seated Forward Fold

To perform this body stretch sit tall with your legs straight out in front. Stretch your arms straight towards your toes. Doing this, you will feel stretch in your lower back and legs.

Crossed Leg Forward Fold

Sit up tall with crossed leg position. Take your arms overhead folding it forward to bring your hands towards the floor. Continue doing this position to reach for hands for at least 1 minute. Now switch the cross of your legs and repeat.

Spinal Twist

Lie on the floor with your back and extend leg in a straight position. By drawing your right knee towards your chest. Move your hips to the right and let your knee fall to the left side. Finally, you need to extend your arms to the right. Let your body to relax in the twist. Keep holding this position for 1 minute, then switch the sides.

Cat and Cow Stretch

Start this stretch with your hands and knees. To get into position, draw your chin to your chest while you widen your back into a cat pose. Now, draw your belly to the floor while you draw your shoulder together to get into cow pose. Keep repeating both poses back and forth about 10 times.

Strange Stretch Fixes Back Pain FAST

Precautions for Lower Back Workout

If you are looking for adding lower back workout into your weekly routine. Some of the things you might need to consider before doing it.

Firstly, start to build up slowly. Begin with one or two exercise with low rep count. It should not be more than 50-75 reps when starting out. As your body build strength and awareness of lower back workouts you can increase the rep counts from there.

Secondly, keep note of any pain you experience. You never want to workout through your pain, especially if it’s in your lower back.

Lastly, keep in mind proper alignment is key when performing these lower back workouts, more so in deadlifts and squats.


Experiencing or suffering from pain is never fun, it decrease a person’s ability to live life to the fullest. It also indicates of an issue or condition that should no longer be overlooked. You can prevent lower back pain through lower back workouts and lower back stretches, which can be done in home or at gym.

 These workouts are simple and easy to follow. It can be done with no equipment at all. By adding some lower back workouts in your daily or weekly routine. You can reduce or eliminate the lower back pain experienced by about 80% of Americans at some point in their lifetime.  

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